The Music…
Some single verses and chained words

The Music…

Some single verses and chained words.

Some say it’s art,

others say it’s science,

I, on the other hand, say,

that serves to raise awareness.

Awareness of who you are,

and what you want to be,

if you build a future for yourself,

you’ll be able to grow up.

To grow as an artist,

or as an integral musician,

I’d say the musician

is a social reformer.>

Social, moral and abstract,

such as poet and madman,

as the saying goes,

that of that, we all have a little bit.

A little bit of reason to say it’s science,

I prefer to insist that we become aware,

because if we add it up and subtract it

we’ll lose our patience.

Rotates life,

the rope breaks,

and the musician he once was,

no one remembers anymore..

The musician must have patience,

to learn every note,

because if you go too fast,

some rope gets broken.


This short Poem was written by Gregory Ortiz @kantos 17/05/2018
It was specially designed for the Steemit community.
I hope you like it.

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