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Singing is not the same as teaching to sing….

Today I want to tell you a little about myself, to those who follow my publications in Steemit and know my professional experiences in the musical area.



As is well known, I am a professional musician, music instructor, singing instructor, Choral and Orchestral Conductor, I have always liked to define myself as an integral musician, however I want to share with you a weakness that I have, nobody is perfect hahaha, but I will tell you about that lack.

My Strengths

My Strengths

In terms of my strengths I must mention that I have my whole life as a musician, I have belonged to different groups, bands, choirs and orchestras, I have been the founder of different musical groups, and I have enough experience and trajectory in the musical field in my region, I play several instruments and I have the ability to learn quickly, academically but also empirically; however, in this post I will tell you more about my weakness than my strengths.

My Weaknesses

My Weaknesses

When I was a child always participating in various artistic-musical festivals in the area of solo singing, always standing well in front of the audience and representing my talent very well; however, after my development (between 13 and 15 years of age), my voice underwent a drastic change, that sharp and powerful voice underwent a strong change and only a faint voice remained and with a poor record, nothing like what it once was.
I must say that thanks to my musical studies I have a very good command of vocal technique and it has helped me to teach singing, however: “I am not a singer”, many people ask me what it is supposed that if I am a Singing Instructor, why am I not a singer?

The explanation is as follows:
The qualities of each artist are gifts that are given before the birth of the individual and developed from childhood, but if during adolescence these talents are not taken care of, they can be lost.

A little bit of my story

I am a person of humble origin, born in a family rich in love, but poor economically, I had to work since I was 13 years old and part of this work is developed singing in different places, most of the times without sound, accompanied by folk instruments, which generally sound very loud and practically have to be screamed; at the stage of development the voices of man must be very careful, not to sing loudly, not to shout, not to subject the voice to drastic changes in temperature; unfortunately I must say that I did not know any of these conditions and therefore did not comply with any of the above, which is why my vocal cords were affected in such a way that they were injured, first a polyp and then a nodule, which is why my vocal register was dramatically shortened; I can say that I always spoke with dysphonia and almost lost my voice.

Voice study

Voice study

Although I had everything against me, I did not give up, I wanted to recover my voice, so I began to study the anatomy of the voice, to know it well, the use, hygiene and care of the vocal cords, the therapies made me improve a lot, but not only in terms of my voice spoken but also sung, I wanted to improve my conditions but recover my tenor voice was impossible, my record had definitely changed, it had become dark and dull, with the therapies getting incredibly better, but honestly for a moment I was frustrated at not being able to sing again, so I made a decision that kept me standing, that decision was not to throw in the towel and say “this far I’ve come”, but to look in other mirrors and help others to take care of their voice.

The Decision

The best part of the story is not that I got my voice back, but that I learned how the phonator works and from that moment on I dedicated myself “Not to singing, but to making others learn to sing”.

I said to myself: “If I don’t sing, I must make others sing for me”

I am fortunate to say that I have taught many children, young people and adults this wonderful art of singing. I have led many children and young singers to participate in competitions and vocal festivals winning the majority of these, making an impeccable participation.

I am fortunate to have taken this path, I love to teach singing, I feel that my voice is now on his vocal chords, and my words on his, my soul on his sound and his voice in my hands, and my life on his.

I hope you enjoyed reading this short excerpt from my life.

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