Talent, Discipline and Consistency

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Talent, Discipline and Consistency

In this article I want to make my readers enjoy a series of concepts that I have learned throughout my life. First of all, I must admit that nobody learns from the experience of others, but it is my duty as a teacher to contribute from my experience with the teaching of the next generations.

Before everything else it is necessary to point out that although this will be directed to musicians and/or artists in training, it is with the intention of generating integral content so that any person can understand it.

In my artistic-musical career I have seen a lot, but a lot of talent fade before my eyes, as well as many people succeed, perhaps even with fewer talents. In this sense, I would like to talk about the minimum conditions we must have in order to undertake any path we wish to take, first of all by clearly marking these first two aspects:

  • Aptitud.
  • Actitud.
  • In the first case we find ourselves with the physical, intellectual or spiritual capacities to do this or that action.
    In the second case, this word indicates the way, form or vision of how we should face situations.
    Both come together and help us to achieve success, if and only if we first learn to know each other.
    It is necessary to know our conditions, skills and abilities to execute such action, for example: I like to play basketball, but I am not tall enough to do it effectively, I do not have those required skills. Someone might say, “Hey, but there are players in the NBA who are your height…. And yes, it is true, but they have a number of physical conditions that make up for their lack of height, such as speed, good ball handling, excellent aim, things they have achieved with dedication and effort to achieve their goals….imagen basket
    At that moment the Attitude intervenes, which made those players (exceptional cases) who don’t have the common stature to play basketball face the situation in another way, the best way, not seeing what they don’t have (their lacks, like stature) looking better at the conditions they do have (like speed, aim and dexterity) and working hard to reach that goal.
    When we talk about hard work, it is nothing more than the combination of three elements that are supremely important for reaching the top:
    Talent is an aptitude, something innate, a condition that one has or does not have, one is born with that aptitude or not.

    Discipline is something that is achieved by creating habits that depend a lot on the environment, on the formation of the home.
    Constancy depends rather on the attitude, as we explained before, it is in charge of analyzing the best way to face things, if we are constant and persistent in an activity, we will very possibly achieve success.

    We must understand that not everyone is born with the conditions for a profession, sometimes we are influenced by our parents and relatives to study this or that profession, but it is very possible that we do not have the minimum skills required for it, or perhaps with hard work we could “perhaps” get some of that talent, but not being something that was born with the person would require much more time to perform another activity that is made a little easier.

    I recommend to parents, children’s representatives, to try to Explore, Cultivate and Exploit such skills, not imposing their tastes or whims, as they can frustrate great conditions for which that person may have been born.
    We often find cases where parents are doctors, lawyers, or engineers (for example) and want their child to “inherit” their profession…. We find that this son is an artist, or a sportsman.
    That is when the dilemma of that person, child or young person, begins:
    Should I do what I want or what my parents want?
    It is possible that we as parents have high standards for our children, high expectations that can frustrate them, not all have the conditions (aptitudes) to be mathematicians, engineers or teachers, which is why many of our children are frustrated by not achieving “what is expected of them”.
    foto imagen obrerosIt is necessary to emphasize that if we had all studied these renowned professions we would not have qualified labor, nor artists, sportsmen and women.
    Simply put, if we were all doctors or architects, we wouldn’t have anyone to repair our car or our plumbing.
    In conclusion, I must reiterate that Talent, Discipline and Constancy are fundamental pillars in any type of action, profession, work plan, service, business, art or sport that we plan to carry out.

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