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enero 17, 2019 Kantos 0 LEADERSHIP Many authors have written about this complex subject, today I don’t want to talk about elaborated concepts, but rather about feelings, yes, I […]

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Steemit changed my life

noviembre 5, 2018 Kantos 0

Entrepreneur’s Day How much has been said about the ventures and their ecosystem? Many simply see these people as dissidents and others see them over […]

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Kimy, the sterile doll

septiembre 16, 2018 Kantos 0

It was Mariah’s 5th birthday, she received as a gift to “Kimy” doll that she wanted with all her being, after 13 years Mariah became […]

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In Your Absence

julio 20, 2018 Kantos 0

In Your Absence Musa, don’t go, dear muse don’t leave me, alone, without you at this hour, Musa, don’t walk away from me. Wandering around […]

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Mi Primer Freewrite

julio 18, 2018 Kantos 0

Escribo estas líneas que ciertamente no se si serán cortas o largas, pero fue Eric @anomadsoul quien nos animó a escribir un poco (como él […]