Steemit changed my life

Entrepreneur’s Day

How much has been said about the ventures and their ecosystem?

Many simply see these people as dissidents and others see them over their shoulders thinking that many of these entrepreneurs are just unemployed people “re-hunting” for money to survive.


Today Day of the Entrepreneur I want to make through my post a small tribute to people (like you or me) who have left their square life, which depended on a couple of fortnights a month to receive a salary-paid to perform functions of office, worker, or simply people accustomed to hierarchical jobs in which each one occupies “a different role” in the company and who must climb positions only to earn a little more, only a percentage more of their current salary, with greater responsibilities and a staff in charge.

My mention on this day is for all those people who with their feet on the ground, looked towards the sky, towards the stars and dreamed of something different, of being their own bosses, of having their own schedule, of making their own creations and better that, of being recognized as their authors.
For no one is a secret that when one works in a company (for another), credits are taken by the company, as well as each and every one of our ideas, our product is not ours, but of the company and the only thing we have is our fatigue and our “economic remuneration”.
I can openly say that some years ago I had taken the decision not to work for any other person, that I myself would be my boss and little by little I was building my way, I created a musical foundation, of which I am the president, I dedicate myself to give music classes for free to children of scarce resources of the most neglected communities of my municipality and region, since the culture or the musical education is generally not considered as an important part in the formation of an individual, but as an “extracurricular activity”.

As for my economic income, I gave myself the task of giving music classes privately, I built a small and modest recording studio in my house to attend to those children whose representatives, if they have economic conditions that allow them to pay a couple of hours of my time for their private classes, I must confess that I was doing very well and that with that I could bring the daily sustenance to my home.

In March of this year, today exactly 234 days ago I opened my Steemit account and I must say that:

Steemit changed my life

From that day until today I have managed to reach a reputation of 56, but what does that reputation consist of? because as in practical life as we call it here, in Steemit our reputation is growing as we add experience and quality work, we are receiving votes from our colleagues and other users more advanced than us that make us go up in popularity, earning respect and even the admiration of our readers and in turn the support of various communities.

Since I started at Steemit, I began to see a world of possibilities in this platform or ecosystem as many of us also call it, doors that open to all of us who want to share with all our skills and abilities in various areas.


So the first thing is to know what we are capable of doing and what we are not; in this sense it is important to set real goals in time being a little optimistic and even dreamers, but with the awareness that it is a job that is just beginning and that much is what we must travel.


Particularly I think that for any project that we want to undertake we must know and recognize different characteristics or qualities, these are:

  • Strengths.
  • weaknesses.
  • Threats.
  • Oportunities.

  • Most of my Steemit publications are musical, however I eventually do a freewrite, or write about my personal life, sometimes I reflect on steemit and its impact on my personal life (as in this case), in other publications I give guidance and even tutorials to make good publications with markdown material and recommendations regarding good content.


    All these publications have made me position myself not as a user with much voting power, since only my SP passes the 105, nor a blogger with impeccable content, but as a good writer who tries to help others along this path and guide them according to their experience, which is not much, but it is very pleasant, thanks to #Steemit.
    As far as my practical life is concerned, I continue with my responsibilities as head of the Kantoría Music Foundation, giving the best of myself to these children with few social and economic privileges, but with immense singing skills, and with the desire to continue learning and spreading music as an art that can sensitize and touch souls.

    I must thank Steemit, because thanks to this platform I have my daily sustenance and I can combine the things I like, my skills as a writer and content curator, as well as my contribution to society through my foundation.

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