My experience in Steemit 225 days

Since I started in Steemit until today, 225 days have passed.

In this journey through this beautiful platform I have made good friends, users who in one way or another were appearing on the road to nourish and make my stay on this platform exciting.
Today I want to talk about my experience here, as well as some recommendations to optimize the time in this ecosystem and how to do teamwork, or in other words, the well-used phrase “Make community” . What is it? How is it achieved? According to my experience, I am going to indicate what has worked for me for my stay on these platforms.
I read recently in the post of a good friend about Content, Healing and Comments , I want to talk today about a ” C”that in my opinion it was necessary to add that it is the” Community “, I feel that it is fundamental for the optimal development of a user in these platforms.

Again, I tell you that what is expressed here is my opinion based on my experience and perspective.

Let’s start with the Content, saying that it is the fundamental pillar in these platforms, be it Steemit , Whaleshares, Weku, Scorum, Trybe and many others that I do not know but that (I guess) are born every day, all of them are or are based on the blog, that is, without content, there are no users.
Let’s talk a little about the Healing, understanding that in the same way as the content exists, there is the reader; so we must understand that We are all authors of Content, but also Curators of Content and as such we should be able to read the publications of our fellow writers.

I feel it is necessary to stop reading to indicate that in some of my previous posts I mentioned part of this same topic and that if I am repetitive is for the simple reason that every day new users are added to each of these platforms and that many are not going to review old posts, but fresh and first-hand information.

An important part in which I place a lot of emphasis is the realization of good Comments; I always say as a reference and I beg to never place an empty comment, such as “Good post” , much less the offensive, and conditioning comment “Follow me and I follow you” or even worse the “Vote me and I vote you” , as we should never wait a retribution neither with followers nor with votes; whoever wants to follow you will do so, do not ask them, and those who consider that your content is not of quality, because it simply will not follow you so ask, beg, beg, or vote for your article with great value.
We must be able to make a good reading of the post (healing) to make a good comment, so it is interesting to select our authors by affinity, so it will be more striking for us to read and comment on a post of a topic that we like or we think interesting, or simply relevant and that contributes something useful, a significant content to the blockchain, more than a simple transaction or block in the chain of blocks.
As a relevant aspect I consider that it is the Community, I feel that even though it is not the pillar or the basis of what we are or do, it is to whom our blog is directed, it is those readers who are avid for information and who can contact you through the comments to thank you for a good post or simply comment that you do not agree with “this or that” publication; I feel that it is the main difference between a book author, a writer of novels, since it does not have the immediacy in the response of the reader as here, since we have discord that makes it possible to communicate in real time “writer-reader” and sharing in this way his interests, feelings and even reasons that motivated him to write this topic or an article in question, likewise his tastes, understanding their strengths and weaknesses.
I feel that through post reading in activities such as Collective Healings, Rain of Vows, Post Review, among so many variants, the work is done and the community interacts fully and directly with each author.

It should be noted that this type of activities are important for each author and their interaction with the reader, in some cases (the reader) may suggest suggestions for a possible improvement of work, or even challenges for subsequent publications based on mutual interests or of a specific community.

In discord we find different communities, each one with a different project, with its own qualities and characteristics, which we must try to know from the beginning to know with what we can identify, according to content in common or simply with a specific charisma.

Particularly I relate to the communities in discord as a group of friends who gather around a campfire to read their stories, tell their anecdotes or share their knowledge with the rest.

[Campfire image](

From these topics we can extend to speak in many publications and discussions, for now it is my duty to invite them to be part of my community which is directed to the Teaching-Learning process and directed mainly to new users, but where everyone is invited and will be well received.

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For your attention and be part of our community…

Thank you!