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Since we arrived at this platform we have been told that the best way to earn some coins is to “Make community”, but do we really know what it is?


In today’s publication we will find some elements that will give us a clue on the subject, I do not possess the absolute truth, I will speak from experience, because I feel that sharing our experiences is one of the best ways to participate in the teaching/learning process.

In order to study a little about the subject it is necessary to have the concepts defined, according to this

“A community is a group of individuals, whether human or animal, who have in common various elements, such as language, territory, tasks, values, roles, language or religion.”

In this particular case we are going to put ourselves in context, we are users of this Whaleshares ecosystem, we speak different languages, we live in different territories, we have different activities, customs, cultures and even different religions, but we are united by our passion for creating and disseminating our publications.
In this sense and despite not having much in common, we are authors of content, here we can find writers, painters, sculptors, artists, youtubers, musicians, historians, comedians, and a range of content authors who intend to make their work known to the world.
We must remember that we have one condition in common, all of us here are 50% authors and 50% curators of content.

As Authors

In this regard, it is important to emphasize that our mission is to produce quality content that is authentic, relevant, coherent, and that has our identity embodied in it, I feel that at least one ounce of our soul must be impregnated in each work, it must carry a part of our being, since each publication is our legacy and we must consider that it can be read by the current public as well as by future generations.

As Curators

When reading a publication it is important to place ourselves in the position of the author, feel identified with him and in addition to reward, is a good gesture to comment on its publication, at that time we generate the “spark” that can lead to an interaction between author / reader and vice versa, understanding that we have the opportunity to ask about the motivation he had to make such a post.

It is imperative to understand that there are platforms that complement the work of dissemination of our publications, applications such as discord are an excellent tool when “doing community”, the fact of knowing the author of the content more closely is an experience that we can not have so often with the writer of a book in daily life.
Based on the above we must understand as a play on words that a COMMUNITY is no more than a COMMON UNIT , in this case put aside our differences and share our affinities.

Every day new communities are born that adapt to our collective interests, as an example of it, communities are born by languages, in this sense our Hispanic community continues growing and consolidating in our platform, however it is necessary to understand that there is still a lot of promotion and a great work of diffusion in social networks so that every day more people know our work.

After finding the community or communities that best suit our qualities or affinities we must try to know and recognize ourselves as authors and curators of content, because it is well known that we love to read our publications, but it is formidable to take the time to read the publications of other users, and also reward your post and leave a good comment on it, it would be ideal (using discord) to leave a public or private note where we give our positive opinion on the subject read, so we can get closer to the author and generate a climate of trust between the two.

  • Against SPAM I must say that we should not send our post link to the user unless the user asks us to.
  • We cannot ask for a reward for our post, as it would be in bad taste and possibly instead of attracting the user, it is possible that he will not reply to our messages again.

  • We can say many things about this topic, in the next post we will continue talking about this and other topics.
    For your attention and being part of our community…


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