Our love grows every day,

anyone would say it’s a utopia.
there are many lights in every new challenge,
a new mission, a new project.

Between successes and failures we build our world,

with our eyes forward, we make it a reality,
every day a new chapter, things that remain in the memory,
every day we start from scratch and write a new story.

Now in this sea of knowledge you have submerged me,

so much and so much you insisted that I’ve fallen deep,
each text produced is a new adventure,
and I learn a lot from you at every reading.

To this sea of opportunities first that I arrived,
a new world full of experiences you introduced me to,
among so many good things I owe you this new awakening,
I don’t know how to pay you, because I know this is more than giving.

Every day you get to be more patient with me,
every project I consult you as to my conscience,
you’re a good counselor of reason,
the complement of my heart and life of my life.