Kimy, the sterile doll

It was Mariah’s 5th birthday, she received as a gift to “Kimy” doll that she wanted with all her being, after 13 years Mariah became pregnant, everything was happiness at home, but at the time of giving birth something happened and this girl lost the child, again and again she had losses for no apparent reason.
Paul, her husband began to notice something that little by little seemed out of place, every time Mariah became pregnant she forgot about Kimy, but after each loss she clung more to her.
Paul decided to bury Kimy and did, when he returned home, he saw Kimy in the crib with Mariah, then suffered a stroke that left him in bed forever.
Time passed, Mariah aged and was buried next to her wrist which incredibly no one could take away from her side.

The original idea was taken from the story of:

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