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On this day I have a video recorded during a concert performed by the children of the Kantoría Musical Foundation and the Vocal Ensemble, both groups directed by myself Gregory Ortiz @kantos en Steemit.

The Concert.

The concert was performed at the San Juan Bautista Church in Cabudare, Lara State, Venezuela.
It was held after the Sunday Mass at 10am and our audience was made up of the people who attended the celebration.

The Performance

The musical performance was in charge of the Children’s Choir of the Kantoría Musical Foundation in the company of the young Paola Acosta, Carla Acosta, Paola Saldivia and Carlos Acuña, members of the Vocal Ensemble.
Among the repertoire performed is the song in this video entitled “El Mundo que Soñé”, the official song of the “Cantamos por la Paz” Foundation.

It should be noted that:

  • I have the intellectual property of the video as president of the Kantoría Musical Foundation
  • .

  • I have express (written) permission to make audio and video recordings of the song.
  • I have the authorization of the representatives of the minors who appear in the video, to make and publish recordings where their representatives appear, as a condition to be part of our Foundation.
  • The video is published in the account of the Kantoría Foundation on Youtube, which is linked to my Steemit account to make the publications.
  • I hope it was to your liking.

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