In Your Absence

In Your Absence

Musa, don’t go,
dear muse don’t leave me,
alone, without you at this hour,
Musa, don’t walk away from me.

Wandering around at this hour,
for no apparent reason,
alone, in the early hours of the morning,
only because you’re absent.

Poet, I’m not without you,
but there’s something I want to say,
one word at a time,
a sentence I intend to write.

Without your help it seems impossible,
without your help the result is insensitive,
empty words come out of my mind,
empty words an indifferent feeling.

A lot I pretend to say,
but without you (Muse) they have little to feel
who read these short lines,
they won’t understand my life.

Musa, don’t go,
my dear, don’t be absent,
Musa, don’t leave me,
My beloved muse, when are you coming back?

  • Original poem by Gregory Ortiz @kantos
  • Picture from

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