If I knew the day of my death


If I knew the day of my death

I can say that I was this uncomplicated person like so many, never aware of the future, not even of the present, much less of the past; I lived just to live, just to go through each day and follow the routine, work for another, worked to live, and in the end I lived to work, instead of eating to live, I lived to eat; it’s something unusual but yes, I’m sure that many still do.
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My family

My family nucleus was very small, we were only 5 people, my father, my mother, my sister, my nephew and me, but unfortunately the first 3 have died, for various reasons, my father of 83 years old for complications of old age, my mother of 75 years by complications of a mixture of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, my sister died of Cancer … Then I must say that my nephew and I saw her very closely; yes, we lived her very closely.

A bitter season

All this happened in only 2 years and my family nucleus fell apart.
They, none of the 3 knew the day of their death, but I can say that they lived until the last day with the conviction of doing things well; and after those 3 losses I proposed to change my way of seeing things, not because I was doing things badly, but I was making no sense, then.



I decided to give meaning to my life, I left my (paid) job and began to make known what I know for free, I opened my foundation, and began to share my knowledge with everyone; then, if I knew the day I was going to die, I would be calm, because I know that I am doing well.

The Mission

As a mission I self-imposed myself to create an institution that could attend to children and young people of scarce resources, to offer a time of peace, an end to the violence they see in the streets, a space to share joys and dreams; in short, a space to sing, this is how the Musical Foundation Kantoría

was born.

The Vision

We want our children to be tomorrow’s relay generation, to carry out this mission, to teach, to spread, free of charge and with full hands this knowledge, to replicate this foundation in many places so that it reaches more children and young people, and so that they can love what we love.

If I knew the day of my death

  • I would be fascinated to go to a Musical Concert where these nipños are the ones who direct their own orchestra, their own choir with the tools acquired by me.
  • I would be honored to share with them, my last days and my last breath.
  • I took as my motto, the next one:

    Knowledge as well as affection, are things that when shared do not end but on the contrary, are multiplied.


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