I INVITE you to Sing (My experience)

I INVITE you to Sing in Karaoke Night

On this day I invite you to Sing in a very special place.
It is not necessary to know how to sing, it is only important to want to participate, if you want to know more, read on to relate my experience.

I met @angelica7 through activities on various servers as we had met and she knew of my passion for music, one day she greeted me and told me that soon I would start an activity in which she was sure that I could contribute a lot, I, I asked her what it was about, to the days she responded by saying that the @smartmediagroup server was preparing a Karaoke activity and she wanted me to participate.

I, without hesitation, told her to count on me to help her, but not to participate formally, since as I said in previous publications, “I don’t sing, I teach to sing”.

A few days later, having set the date, I receive the (formal) invitation from @angelica7 where she tells me the date and time, and asks me if I will be able to attend, which I answered in the affirmative.

The day came and I set out to enter the @smartmediagroup server and to my surprise there was a group of wonderful people who really wanted to sing and make friends convinced me to sing, I told them I wanted to hear them first.

After a few minutes, after others made their participation, I got up the courage, took my guitar and said “I’m ready”, from that day until today I participate every Wednesday from 7pm (Venezuelan time) in this beautiful activity.

Thanks to @angelica7 and @bitcoinParadise
for getting involved in this beautiful project.
The next activity will take place today:
“Wednesday, August 29, 2018, 7:00 pm Venezuelan time (23:00 hs UTC, 23:00 pm GMT)”

If you follow this link you will be able to join us, you will be able to sing, make friends, or simply listen to some good music and friends having fun.


  • Enjoy the moment, you’ll be the star of the night.
  • So:
    “The invitation is made, I hope to see you here.”

    Thanks for reading me.

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