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I’ll always be by your side,
I believed you when you told me,
your words were empty,
like the fleeting breeze you left.

You filled my life with words,
of pleasure, caresses and illusions,
you told me nothing would happen,
now it’s all heartache.

By your side everything was joy,
until the day there was a delay,
at that moment came the sunset,
my sad life was getting.

I thought I was a new being,
joy would bring to my life,
but without your sure presence I am,
which deep will be the wound.

In feelings, time and space
today you find yourself wandering,
absent from my life and your home,
of your blood also distant.

This poem of my authorship was made in homage to all those women abandoned after a pregnancy, often abandoned by their partner, rejected by their parents and even judged by society.
The image belongs to Pixabay and the link is in the title of the same.

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